I am very Sorry about all that

This first post is mainly just an apology to the world. When I was at a low point, I decided to use social media instead of seeking help. Growing up, I did not learn excellent social skills, but more on that in another post. This post is to apologize to anyone I affected negatively. My actions may not have been sound, but Travis was able to survive through what I did. Thank you to everyone who protected me, and here is the Story of "How Travis has Survived."

This website is the story of my life. As of now, I am 34 years old and live in the northeastern US. I will do my best to recall everything that may seem valid to me. I found that writing is one of the outlets I use to express my thoughts. I have been using computers most of my life, and I am Network Analyst now. Before I continue, I want to set a few things straight.

  1. I am not high class, I lived in the "hood" most of my life, and until four months ago, I was still there. I pay bills and miss payments like everyone else.

  2. Everything you read here came from me. These are my thoughts and emotions, and you can share them with anyone you think would like it—# FairUse.

  3. Disclaimer: I have experienced abuse in my life, and I plan on talking about it.

  4. If you ever feel the need to say something, say it to someone, and it may help.

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